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BOMSupport~ Breakdown Of Marriage Support, finding positive steps forward post relationship breakdown. Welfare partners, children of ADF personnel past and present.  Prevention suicide, domestic violence, threat to life.  Surviving and thriving preventing 'broken' , working with honourable, brave, courageous ' We're All In This Together' 

Veterans Health~ Former serving, current serving, peacekeeper, medical personnel and their families.  If you're not utilising nutrition to enhance allied health programs, counter side effects medication, fuel brain and body you're only working at less than half capacity, there is no fuel for resilience= burnout.  Rat packs, fast food, binge drinking combined high chronic stress, incremental escalating pressure, catalyst event/s, massive trauma, will do little in the way in aiding repair, negating pre cursors conversion healthy neurotransmitters, immune system, digestive system = high inflammation markers = epigenetic influence expression disease, injury, mental and physical breakdown.

Corporate Health~ Burnout is one of the few mental disorders recognised by Work Safe Australia as directly caused by too much work contributing to a $20 billion "stress bill" businesses foot each year


“Without regular physical activity, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell your brain will be functioning optimally.”Paul Taylor, Neuroscientist  



Research Tips  

  • Caffeine & Cortisol the stress hormone linked abdominal fat. Note caffeine consumption increases cortisol levels, being stressed and having coffee further increases cortisol spikes. Caffeine taken before Exercise greatly elevated Cortisol in men & women, Post exercise women had greater cortisol response then men. #stressmanagement #stimulants #weightmanagement #cravings
  • Nutritional risk evaluation & establishment of nutritional support in oncology. Cancer patients:More than a half of the patients were suffering from malnutrition (64%) increasing up to 81% for patients undergoing palliative treatment. #clinicalnutrition #integrativemedicine
  • Probiotics for urogenital health~Bacterial vaginosis, UTI, & yeast vaginitis afflict estimated 1 BILLION women each year.Depleted vaginal lactobacilli & recurrent infection is assoc with the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases,antibiotic resistance,significant reduction in quality of life, the need for probiotic therapeutics has never been greater #NaturalDrTiff #Health
  • Medical Herb of the week: Cats Claw (una de gato)~ Research indicates uña de gato has antiinflammatory, immunomodulating & antiviral effects. Wide ranging applications, illness, injury, anti aging. See your medical herbalist NaturalDrTiff for more info
  • Gluten Free breads made w/ amaranth, quinoa & buckwheat more nutrient dense & tastier alternative to potato, rice, corn gluten free breads #glutenfree #coeliac #foodintolerancetip
  • Over half of deaths in women from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease could be avoided if they never smoke, weight in check, take exercise and eat a healthy diet low in red meat and trans-fats, study published British Medical Journal
  • Exciting injury rehab research on antioxidant Resveratrol:Resveratrol may not be a substitute for exercise, but it could slow deterioration until someone can get moving again. #Rehabilitation
  • Aust researchers uncovered how Peppermint helps relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome #IBS, affects up to 20% of the population. Peppermint acts through a specific anti-pain channel called TRPM8 to reduce pain sensing fibres #herbalmedicine
  • Another reason to love Cacao~ anti tumor peptides. Lymphoma + Cacao "This study is the first report on the biological activity of cacao protein, supporting the traditional use of the plant. The albumin fraction showed antitumor and free radical scavenging capacity, The protein fractions could be considered as source of potential antitumor peptides".
  • Friendly Foe: Bacteria Residing In The Gut Boost Immune Response To Tumours: The importance see Naturopath for integrated complementary medicine to aid recovery Cancer treatments
  • Stress Affects the Balance of Bacteria in the Gut and Immune Response:
    #nosecrettonaturopaths "not only does stress change the bacteria levels in the gut, but that these alterations can, in turn, impact our immunity."
  • Saliva Clue To Chronic Bullying This hypocortisol response is what we identify as suboptimal adrenal dysfunction, based on acute & chronic stress management, trauma past, present, there is a significant hypo or hyper cortisol result. #salivahormonetest
  • Stretching BOOSTS Strength gains= able to lift heavier weights key strength training #recommendafterexercisenotstatic #increaseROM #injuryprevention
  • Blood tests will only capture bound hormones ie found in the blood stream only, Saliva tests unbound hormones bioavailable in tissue cells of entire body. Accuracy important No issues with compliance. #bestclinicpractice #hormones #noninvassive



Family violence intervention order breaches were the seventh most common charge heard at the court numbering 12,150 in yr 2013 in 2011 that number was lower at 7,090.  What has been changing to account increase??  More common than drug bust/possession charges in Australia. (Vic Magistrates Court)

One woman every week in Australia is killed by her ''intimate partner'' (ABS 2006) - by the man who should be loving, honouring and protecting her.

ALARMING and tragically, violence against women is the leading cause of death and disability in Australian women aged 15 to 44 (VicHealth 2010).

One in three women will be physically or sexually abused in her lifetime (ABS 2006). One in seven young women aged 12 to 20 is raped or sexually assaulted (National Crime Prevention 2001).  

Domestic violence is most commonly perpetrated by males against their female partners, but it also includes violence against men by their female partners and violence within same-sex relationship

The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women defines violence against women as: Any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivations of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life. 

This definition also appears within The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022


Domestic violence includes:

  • Verbal abuse—swearing and humiliation in private and public, focusing on intelligence, sexuality, body image or the victim’s capacity as a parent or spouse
  • Emotional abuse—blaming the victim for all problems in the relationship, undermining the victim’s self-esteem and self-worth through comparisons with others, withdrawing interest and engagement and emotional blackmail
  • Social abuse—systematic isolation from family and friends, instigating and controlling relocations to a place where the victim has no social circle or employment   opportunities and preventing the victim from going out to meet people
  • Economic abuse—controlling all money, forbidding access to bank accounts, providing an inadequate ‘allowance’, preventing the victim seeking or holding employment and taking wages earned by the victim
  • Psychological abuse—making threats regarding custody of children, asserting the justice system will not believe or support the victim, destroying property, abusing pets and driving dangerously
  • Spiritual abuse—denial and/or misuse of religious beliefs or practices to force victims into subordinate roles and misusing religious or spiritual traditions to justify physical violence or other abuse
  • Physical abuse—direct assaults on the body, use of weapons (including objects), assault of children, locking the victim out of the house, sleep and food deprivation, and
  • Sexual abuse—any form of pressured/unwanted sex or sexual degradation, causing pain during sex, coercive sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, making the victim perform sexual acts unwillingly and criticising or using degrading insults




Regular research, recipe, health updates on our Facebook Page or our twitter page: NaturalDrTiff for BOMSupport matters please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it website of resources coming soon